A Way of Healthy Pleasure

Vida Sadia


Vida Sadia is a Portuguese producer of whole conventional and organic biscuits and snacks. Focused on the principle that a balanced diet is essential for a healthy life, all products are natural, vegan and do not contain neither preservatives nor additives of any kind. With a careful selection of the raw material that it’s not submitted to refining processes, the products sustain their purest structure and keep their nutritional properties unaltered as well as their nutritional wealth.

Vida Sadia has the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) implemented as well as a rigorous traceability program that allows the detection of any abnormality on every production stage. Starting on raw material's origin, through the multiple steps of processing until it reaches the final customer. Organic products are duly certified by an oficial entity in accordance with the applicable regulation.